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We create adverts, explainer material, content for e-learning, corporate promotional campaigns and animated documentaries.

We find animation is a great way to present complex or sensitive subjects, and make the difficult stuff digestible. We animate in 2D or 3D and cover the whole process: concept generation, scriptwriting, storyboarding, design and production.

We can help you conceptualise, design overarching narratives and expand your ideas to meet your strategic objectives in styles that fit with your brand. 

Post Natal Contraception

Public Health

NHS Lothian and GGC wanted an animation to encourage expectant parents to include contraception in their birth plan. We rigorously tested the script and designs with different user groups to ensure maximum inclusivity and comprehension, and created voice overs and subtitles in English, Polish and Urdu - with more languages to follow.

Help Reduce Mouldy!

Behavioural Change

Norwich Council were thinking of a documentary video about condensation in the home - but we persuaded them that they would attract more viewers and have more impact with a fun animated character called Mouldy who would appeal to all the family. 

Project ACAN


The Centre for Electronics Frontiers wanted to explain to investors and the public how Project ACAN is designing a new 'charge recovery' circuit which will revolutionise technology

Around the World


EASD e-learning needed some eye-catching stings to introduce a series of 80 webcam videos from international diabetes experts -  to raise awareness of their site in the lead up to their annual conference.

Imagine what you could do


The University of Edinburgh were looking for a standout video to support their student recruitment campaign. The University loved our animation so much they commissioned a second one to explain their course structure.
Winner of Drum Roses Award

One Last Push

Behavioural Change/ Campaigning

Animated documentary made for campaigning charity organisation Disability History Scotland exploring the surprising impact of WWI on disability rights.

Want to see more of our work?

Head over to YouTube for all our recent, past and present work.

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